Chop, chop.

Kale. So ubiquitous, but utterly supreme. I like how tough it is. That attribute of toughness seems admirable on a good day, but now more than ever. Plus you can make a way-too-big salad and toss it with a crazy-generous amount of dressing and 24 hours later it will still be fresh as a culinary daisy with some snap to its bite. But let’s not forget about the health benefits.

According to Healthline, Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet—though you don’t really need to read up on Kale to know that it’s good for you. You can just tell by it’s beautiful deep green hue.

I really feel very virtuous when I eat a kale salad. I like that sense of indulging myself yet also knowing that I’ve done something super healthy. It’s a great experience.

At first you resist it, much like you deny being a super fan of beauty articles like Next-Level Fabulous Skincare Secrets on Goop. It seems cliché or like something that’s downtrending. And maybe both of those things are true. But man, who the hell cares?! It’s just good, and good for you. Don’t fight it.

I grew kale the summer before last, and you know what? That endeavor felt even more virtuous than eating a kale salad, which is really saying something. It was nothing short of a magic trick!!!

Kale makes you feel like a very astute farmer with a thriving crop, though any fool with a raised bed and some decent soil can grow it. The real magic is that it just grows back after you cut it. I didn’t know that.

I’m mad that I didn’t grow kale this last summer. If I had, I’d still be harvesting it now—even in the middle of this unseasonably cold weather in the Pacific Northwest. The summer got away from me, though. I didn’t grow my usual seasonal crops like kale or tomatoes. I dropped the ball. I’ll do better next time. Especially now, that I see how much this wonderous leafy-green vegetable really means to me.

Today’s salad was simple yet delicious. Finely chopped kale with a healthy serving of leftover spicy orange BBQ’d chicken, pecans, locally-made croutons from Rachael and Bread dressed with a mustard-ginger dressing in a white wine and olive oil base. So good!

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