One ingredient can change everything.

The Civilized Lunch Project was born of necessity when I realized that my lack of a proper lunch spoke volumes about my lack of time for things that matter to me.

Join me on my daily lunchtime journey where I plan to share not only my lunch menu, but the thoughts that accompany my food experience.

Recent Posts

  • Carrot Pudding.
    It’s All About Your POV One of my favorite things about cooking is when I get a “wild idea” to try something that I’ve never heard of before. It makes me feel like an alchemist magician or a genius chef […]
  • Dream State.
    French toast is my personal breakfast of champions. I don’t make it often. But every now and again, especially on a Saturday morning, I’ll get a craving and the siren song of good bread, pan-fried in a cast-iron skillet, dripping […]
  • Zero Waste, More Fun.
    As a commercial copywriter by trade, I’m not motivated to write much after hours. It’s a shame because I have a lot of writing ideas that fly through my mind—and often while cooking. But damn, these thoughts are fleeting. By […]