Battered, bloody, bruised.

OK. Apologies, that’s a ridiculous Apple News-feed-style- click-bait title. Forgive me. Things aren’t that dire. But, I’m not out of the woods yet.

I’m going to try (try) and avoid talking about boring rant-inducing topics like W_ _ _ _ and stick to life outside W_ _ _ _ – focused hours.

So. It’s super interesting how when you start something new and share it with people, you get a super wide array of reactions, and some of them don’t really resonate with your intended goal. So the question is: “Whoa, am I semi-delusional?” and “If so, do I care?,” and lastly: “If people don’t get my vision, should I ghost them?” (Answer: Definitely not.)

No. Please don’t cancel people that don’t immediately (or ever) find Nirvana in your ideas. It’s good and important to keep people in your inner circle who push back and ask you challenging questions. Sometimes it can be annoying or upsetting. But it’s important. So look out for that.

Today’s lunch is a portrait of a slipper-y slope, meaning that I almost skipped lunch, but remembered that I’m not supposed to. I made lunch, but almost forgot I was supposed to photograph the food. Here you go: “Light falling on egg-sandwich-wrap.”

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